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White Papers

I publish white papers as “guides,” “executive briefings,” “special reports,” or some alternative name that fits your business to create a perception of greater value. I also often put a dollar price for the report on the document, which strengthens the perception that the information has value.

With your input, I publish white papers that help define your prospects’ problems and convince them that your process is the best option to resolve them.


Search engines value content, and when you blog, you’re posting new content to your website with some regularity. Having a blog on your website will boost your search engine rankings.

I create blog posts that are two-way exchanges of facts and ideas. They are a means of starting talks with your prospects, and they build relationships and trust over time. I encourage one new post per week.

Case Studies

Everyone loves stories. They paint pictures, evoke feelings, are memorable, and give your presentations sticking power.

A most effective way to tell a marketing story is by case study, a product or service success story. Readers believe case studies more than other sales literature because someone who has no motive or financial incentive to praise your product or service does so.

I’ll show how your company solved a problem using a specific product, process, method, or idea. The study will make your prospects want to “learn more,” driving them to ask for more details, and it will propel them deeper into the sales funnel and closer to buying.